Writing good content for the web takes a lot of practice and in order to help you we’ve designed a course that truly reflects what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of copywriting. Most courses out there don’t offer much in the way of step by step tuition, taking you through the painstaking stages we all need to go through as writers.

Being criticised for your work can hurt a lot when you’re starting out, so it’s important to develop that ‘thick skin’ you’ll need in order to turn criticism into advice. It’s up to you to take the good and leave the bad in what’s taught, so we make no apology for teaching you things that are, at times, useless.

Once you’ve learned what’s real and what’s fake you’ll be in a much better position to refute our claims that we’re right all the time and say, with hand on your heart that you were right all along. Self-satisfaction like this isn’t cheap, so neither are we. We very much hope that you enjoy your stay.